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NBS Mining - Netcom Business Services is one of the most ambitious opportunities with a super-talented team and a powerful business model.

Our goal is to make mining accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical knowledge or experience.
NBS Mining - Netcom Business Services is able to process instant payments and withdrawals as well as offering appropriated support throughout the entire mining process.

This is quite different from traditional models of mining that involve maintenance and configuration of highly specialized hardware.

Cloud Mining x Buying Hardware

When Bitcoin was introduced to the market, digital coin mining was possible only through ordinary computers. As the coin’s popularization and the amount of transactions increased, the block’s complexity enhanced.

Nowadays, to mine on your own it’s necessary to invest a great amount of money, have technical skills to set up high tech machinery and build proper infrastructure. The most convenient way to obtain good profits is through an automated mining service or "Cloud Mining".
Beginning of Mining 2015
Even before the establishment legal entity, the founders of NBS Mining - Netcom Business Services already bought mining machines from China and placed it on third-party farms for mining.
Sichuan Farm DEC 2016
By the region of Sichuan region, Eric Mu built a mining farm attached to a small private hydroelectric plant with electricity generation capacity of 4000kw.
Inner MongOlia Farm April 2017
The Inner Mongolia unit was built with 8 warehouses and 16,000 machines as initial capacity and with expansion potential to upgrade to 50,000 machines.
Affiliate Program Launch NOV 2017
After 24 months of programming development, the Two systems that allowed the mining contracts to begin were completed. The systems are Mining Panel, Affiliated Program and Payment Gateway.
Ciudad del Este Farm DEC 2017
First South America’s Mining Farm with cooling air-conditioning system installed in Ciudad Del Este and today is mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monomer, Zcash and Bitcoin Cash.
Anhui Farm FEB 2018
Huaibei city located at the Anhui province is a well-known region as the energy capital in China. In this place is where NBS Mining - Netcom Business Services begun a small Mining operation in March 2018.
Ingushietia Farm MAY 2018
Russia, as well as China, is one of the countries that offer the cheapest energy in the world. Beyond that, strategically placed in Europe the Ingushetia farm will provide to European visitors a more accessible option than visiting China or Paraguay farms.
Hebei Farm NOV 2018
The Hebei Mining Farm, in China, already had its opening and its capacity is for 50,000 mining machines. Beyond that strategically placed near the capital Pequim, to facilitate the visitors' access from all over the world.
Hernandarias Feb 2019
NBS Mining - Netcom Business Services has launched its second South American farm with mobile mining containers to run the largest number of miners in a small amount of physical space
Our Mission is to Promote Financial Freedom Through the Use of Cryptocurrency.

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